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Classy Chassis: Complete Protection Package (Full Size SUV or Truck)

Rust Protection & Ceramic Paint Coating









Deal Highlights

  • Slows down the effects of corrosion from environmental causes.
  • Helps retain trade-in values by minimalizing environmental damage.
  • Enhance the gloss and appearance of your vehicle and allows for easy cleaning. No more sending hours waxing!




This advanced vehicle protection generates an impressed current cathodic protection via state-of-the-art technology, inhibiting rust from forming on the exterior surfaces.  Deep within the inner crevices and hidden areas where corrosion first starts, electronic corrosion protection PROTECTS your vehicle. 

When steel is exposed to moisture, ionization begins to occur immediately.  Electrons are lost from the metal surface through this devastating electrochemical reaction, and if left untreated will continue all until all the metal has returned to its original state. 

Electronic Corrosion Protection is:

Environmentally Friendly

Maintenance Free

Inhibits Further Corrosion on Used Vehicles



For added protection, military grade corrosion inhibitors are applied to the high corrosion areas of your vehicle.






Nano Technology, using Aluminum Oxide particles, provides superior protection against bird waste, tree sap, road salt and harmful UV rays.


Ready to bring back that shine on your classic car or motorcycle and protect against the apparent rust that comes with living in North Central Ohio? With Classy Chassis paint and rust protection, corroded, faded, chipped, and scratched paint doesn’t stand a chance. Our ceramic coatings are diamond strong. Classy Chassis will keep your vehicle looking like new as the leader in automotive protection services in Richland, Crawford, Ashland, Wayne, and Knox counties. We offer the best in quality paint regarding protection and rust. Protect your vehicle’s hood, trunk, and all upper body panels with genuine Classy Chassis rust protection.

Not to mention the showroom quality gloss and protected finish with ceramic paint coating for your car or truck will hold the value on your new and older vehicles.
Our paint protection will extend the life of any vehicle. Let our experts give you everything you need when it comes to sustaining the longevity of your exteriors. We complete a full walk around and a consultation, next we work through any defects from paintwork such as scratches, swirls, and imperfections. Once as many flaws as possible have been removed, giving it a like-new finish, we coat it to keep your ride covered from any harmful materials it encounters in daily elements. Allow us to protect your cars, trucks, boats, ATVs, and more!


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